Oh this wedding. This had to be one of my most memorable weddings of all time! It seems like all summer it kept raining on the weekends and this particular weekend was no exception! This isn’t a huge deal for anyone that has an indoor wedding venue, but it certainly presents some challenges when you plan a backyard wedding! Let me tell you though, these two and their families were PREPARED FOR ANYTHING, and the way they pulled everything together leaves me in complete awe. You see, here’s what happened….

So my husband and I drove down to Berrien Springs in the morning and we saw threatening clouds until suddenly we were in this intense thunderstorm and literally had pull off the freeway and wait in a Meijer parking lot for the storm to blow through. Once it had gone through, we rushed down to the house where the wedding was taking place, and literally had to dart into the house to avoid the next storm that was about to come through! I was thinking, “oh no… this is not good… these storms are forecasted off and on all day. I hope this doesn’t spoil everyone’s spirits.” I will be honest, I was prepping myself in my head for complete disaster.

What happened, though, was the complete opposite. The groom, groomsmen, and several other family members and friends worked quickly to transform a barn into a wedding venue. Mind you, this barn wasn’t one of those fancy wedding barns that is made for weddings, it was a working barn, with barn things in it that had to be moved. It had to be cleaned. They had to clean it, string up lights, move tables and chairs in, and completely set it up FROM SCRATCH, all in about 4-5 hours. The bride and her girls carried on with getting ready and there was just this peace and calm in the air that everything would be fine, no matter what the weather turned out like.

By mid afternoon, the rain had let up, other than a few sprinkles here and there, so we were able to still get first look and bridal party photos outside at a nearby park. Then, shortly before the ceremony started, it literally started raining again all over the chairs and everything. People were running to the house and standing under cover when, I kid you not, this little boy says “Oh look, its raining! Look for the rainbow!” It almost put a tear in my eye. Just, everyone was so POSITIVE throughout anything the weather threw their way!

Thankfully about 5 minutes later, the little rain shower had passed and the ceremony began. Everything went off without a hitch from that point on. Once I saw the reception area I was STUNNED. It looked as good, if not better, than many of the other venues I have seen! The florals were beautiful. The place settings were elegant. Everything just looked like it was supposed to be like that right from the get go.

It turned out to be such a perfect day, which goes to show that your wedding is as perfect as your attitude about it. Just roll with it, have fun, and it will be amazing, just like this one.


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