This session is actually from last July.  Colleen contacted me to let me know that she and her fiancée would be back in town to visit with family in early July.  Although the couple currently lives out of state, Colleen grew up in the area.  She had her heart set on an evening engagement session at the beach and I was happy to oblige.

I packed up some lighting so that I could get a bit more of a dramatic look with some of the sunset photos and also to light up the scene a bit more on some of the beach ones.  It was quite a bit cloudier and darker than we’d anticipated so I knew I just needed to be prepared for things to get dark quickly.

What we didn’t realize was that the sand flies were out in FULL FORCE that night!  Lesson learned, PACK BUG SPRAY FOR BEACH SESSIONS!  haha!

Overall I had a blast doing this session and these two were great sports about everything!


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