Riverside Receptions is a very pretty outdoor wedding venue with absolutely beautiful landscaping. Katrina and Anthony live out of state, but fell in love with this venue and knew they had to have their wedding there. Unfortunately, when the day came, it rained ALL. DAY. LONG. Well, correction, it slightly drizzled off and on all morning, and by about 2PM, it poured nonstop till the end of the evening. Although this venue does have a covered area where the receptions are held, it was still disappointing to have to move everything inside at the last minute, and I really felt for Katrina and Anthony for having to deal with that after so much anticipation of having everything outside at this gorgeous venue.

Thankfully, they were able to move everything inside before it rained and continued the day under the tent, and everyone partied and had fun. Still, though, I felt bad that it was pouring so hard out that we couldn’t do bridal portraits outside, so I offered them another photoshoot that we did a couple of months after the wedding. So, you’ll see at the end of this gallery photos that we were still able to get later on. Normally rain isn’t a huge issue and I work around it at weddings, but this was an all day rainstorm, and although it was no one’s fault, I just couldn’t bear the thought of them not having very many bridal portraits, so I did another photoshoot with them.

I love how all of it turned out. Rain really is not the end of the world an we work around it.


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